Big Data instantly accessible to everyone!
Query Big Data with immediate responses
is a BI / Analytics engine that responds in milliseconds regardless of data volume.
These extreme performances are achieved using multidimensional indexes and pre-calculated aggregates updated in real time.
Connect BI tools directly to your Hadoop cluster
Instantly navigate data using existing analytical and visualization tools such as:
Tableau®, Excel®, QlikView®, Spotfire® and MicroStrategy®
Your big data becomes easily available to all users without having to make extracts to aggregate data.
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Operating flexibility:
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  • Near-instantaneous responses (milliseconds) regardless of the data volume
  • Rapid indexing of historical data
Operating flexibility
  • No need to create and precompile cubes
  • Indexes can be added on demand according to usage
  • Data deleted and updated transactionally without reindexing
  • Secure access to data with closely defined permissions
  • Filtering of results to ensure that each user can only see the data for which they have permission
  • Scalable to petabytes of data with a smaller number of servers
  • Scalable to thousands of simultaneous users by supporting over 3,000 queries per second
Accuracy of results
  • Fast results without approximation
  • All calculations including "count distinct" and "top N" are both fast and accurate
Real time
  • Data can be indexed continuously (streaming)
  • Results refreshed in real time
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