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We’ve collected over ++5000 answers from CDOs, SR Data Executives and Data Experts on various subjects around data exploitation since the beginning of 2022 💡 

Let’s have a look at what is your opinion 👇 

What did we learn about you in 2022 so far ?


With the amount of data that companies need to manage relentlessly increasing, data storage is obviously a given when we talk about data analytics challenges. We asked you which data warehouse was your go-to, and the AWS solution is clearly a leader among you, collecting 40% of your votes! 

Your favorite data warehouse solution is AWS


Regarding Business Intelligence, the better the tool, the better the decisions. When we asked you which BI tool was your favorite among Tableau, PowerBI, Looker, and Qlik, Tableau and PowerBI smashed the two others, PowerBI being the winner with 53% of your votes! 

Your favorite BI tool is PowerBI


There are many trends regarding data analytics in 2022, like data mesh and AI. But for you, or at least 52% of you, the top analytics trend for 2022 is cloud migration. And we agree with you, the cloud is becoming an essential thing to consider for a company reflecting on its data management. 

Your top analytics trend for 2022 is cloud migration


To Gartner, Hyperautomation is one of the fastest growing segments of modern technology, and for data driven companies, there are several important aspects of using hyperautomation, like reducing operational costs, saving time, improving performance and improving customer experience. For you, the top priority is the automation of data preparation. 

The most important aspect of hyperautomation for you is the automation of data preparation


Data quality is a more important factor than ever for organizations. Gartner estimates that the average cost of poor data quality is between $9.7 and $14.2 millions annually. According to 37% of you, the element most likely to improve data quality, and ultimately limit or eliminate those costs, is more detailed data. 

For you, the key element to improve data quality is more detailed data


A data platform’s ROI is a major KPI to be aware of for CDOs. However, when we asked you if you knew your data platform’s ROI, 64% of you answered no. Don’t worry though, our ROI calculator can help you with that! 

Most of you don't know your data platform's ROI


The concept of data mesh is fairly new in the data landscape, so we understand why 72% of you said that you are unaware of this concept. Don’t worry about that, we have a white paper ready to enlighten you! 

Most of you don't know what data mesh is


We have learned so much about you already, and we look forward to learning even more before the year is done. Don’t hesitate to learn about us too and give a quick look to the resources we have prepared for you! 

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