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Simplify, Deploy and Accelerate Analytics.

Zero Time To Data

As the volume of data increases incomparably, companies are struggling to exploit it. Only 8%[1] of companies use their data at scale.

Thanks to a unique combination of indexing engine and machine learning, Indexima allows companies to access all their data to simplify and accelerate analytics.

Robust and scalable, the solution allows organizations to query all their data directly at the source, in volumes of tens of billions of rows in just a few milliseconds.

This is Zero Time To Data.

  • Centralized execution platform to accelerate BI queries by 1000.
  • RAM memory costs divided by 20.
  • Compatible with all data visualization tools and all data sources.

Indexima solves the cost / performance trade-off for data analytics uses.

Created in 2016, Indexima was born from the meeting between Florent Voignier (President and CTO), Nicolas Korchia (General Manager and COO) and Emmanuel Dubois (General Manager and Sales / Marketing Director).

The mission of Indexima is to bring analytics to the greatest number of employees in data driven organizations through a data access platform. The company now has a team of 25 people in Paris (France) and partnerships with international players (AWS, Microsoft, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Cloudera, etc.)

Indexima is supported by Seventure Partners and benefits from JEI status and the support of BPI, from the Ile-de-France Region.


[1] McKinsey : https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/mckinsey-analytics/our-insights/ten-red-flags-signaling-your-analytics-program-will-fail


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