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In this context of New Normal, it is 69% of the governing bodies who consider it necessary to accelerate their transition by modifying their current economic model with digital.

For reason, the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted all business environments, transforming their well-established biorhythms for years. This upheaval requires the establishment of new structural processes, such as budgetary ones. “Doing more with less” has become the new normal.

And, data is at the heart of this process.

At the head of the management of the company’s data-driven strategy, leaders believe that it is a priority to focus their decision-making based on data and no longer on their intuitions.

What are the solutions to carry out the transformation towards the New Normal?

Download the “How to Accelerate Analytics ROI” white paper here

  • Why data is at the heart of post-covid structural transformation
  • Implementation and Key Roles: Leverage All Data Across the Company
  • What technologies to use to accelerate implementation and ensure instant ROI?

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