CIO x Indexima: what innovations in Data processing?

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The data, the new oil of the 21st century

Today, data is being produced at an ever-increasing rate; its quantity and variety are exploding. This phenomenon, known as “Big Data”, represents an important opportunity for companies. From this resource, they can draw a lot of information necessary for the realization of effective development strategies.

However, companies are faced with a major challenge: data accessibility, which must be as simple and fast as possible in order to make data exploitation efficient and ergonomic.

In this context, CIO, in partnership with Indexima, conducted a study to highlight companies’ current data usage. Several lessons can be drawn from this.

For example, this study has shown how the culture of data exploitation remains limited. Indeed, the business lines can generate their own decision reports in only 14% of the companies surveyed; the others must make requests to the IT departments to obtain such reports.

A major question was asked in particular: are good practices and innovative technologies effectively implemented?

Download the white paper “CIO x Indexima – What’s new in Data?” here.

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