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If static dashboards seem to be shunned by companies nowadays, it is because of its difficulty to deliver the highly anticipated ROI: the research firm Gartner talks about a failure rate of 60% for BI projects.

Despite its trickle down in all business departments, the set-up of BI projects within companies remains difficult. It mostly comes from dashboards’ rigidity that prevents KPI businesses to adjust, but also:

  • from plural and poorly mastered BI environments which companies face
  • from legacy still too present which contributes to the multiplication of data silos
  • from a way too difficult access to data which renders KPI and ROI synchronization complex

To answer these issues, several solutions can be considered to add value and increase the usefulness of data in business.

Data is an important decision maker, but its exploitation is nonetheless difficult…

Key points of this white paper:

  • The BI paradox: a discrepancy between failures within companies and businesses expectations
  • Finally revealing the “Business” side of Business Intelligence (BI)
  • The way to “Hyper-BI”

Download the white paper

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