Discover Zero Time To Data

Reshape your perception of time in data analytics.

Ever dreamed of instantly accessing your business’ data in no time and working directly on your dashboard without going back and forth with the IT team?

Meet Indexima DataHub, a new space time where operational and functional users gain instant access to their data, in no time.


With a combination of its unique indexing engine and machine learning, Indexima allows businesses to access all their data to simplify and speed up analytics.

Instant Analytics

Robust and scalable, the solution allows organizations to query all their data directly at the source, in volumes of tens of billions of rows in just a few milliseconds.


Our Indexima platform allows users to implement instant analytics on all their data in just one click.
Agility in Big Data.

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Thanks to Indexima’s new ROI and TCO calculator, find out in 30 seconds the ROI of your data platform….

And more !

Thanks to the TCO and ROI calculator, find out the savings Indexima can offer you regarding :

  • Infrastructure costs
  • Project deployment time
  • Data engineering costs

While boosting your analytical performances!