Discover Zero Time To Data

BI is key to data democratization in a company.

Indexima’s mission is to support the CDO in his three operational challenges : offer the best BI user experience, bring agility by automating the data engineer’s tasks and making sure their actions respect the governance policy.

All of that with the best TCO, because we are convinced that cost control and sustainability are going to become key criteria in the data field.


A simple BI dashboard is often the first stop on the road to data democratization for a team member. Beyond data quality, displaying a board in more than 5 seconds quickly becomes an obstacle to daily usage, and more than 30 seconds is a deal breaker.

At Indexima, the display speed goal is measured in milliseconds.


To ease board usage across the company, minimizing the cost to popularize dashboarding for a wide audience is essential. While data visualization solutions have allowed for the creation of nice dasboards, exploitation and distribution costs can remain significant, notably when the dashboards need to access to a high volume of data.

At Indexima, the smallest aggregate is the algorithm’s daily routine.


A new criteria is emerging among data teams to participate in global responsibility efforts: exploit data sustainably in striving to limit carbon emissions.
At Indexima, our sustainability goal consists of limiting data scans.