Discover the Zero Time To Data

Or why and how to rethink the perception of time in data analysis.

Who has not dreamed of instant access to their company’s data, in record time, and to be able to work on dashboards without endless roundtrips with IT?

With the Indexima DataHub, lines of business users will be propelled into a new space-time that we call the Zero Time To Data, where access to data is instantaneous.


Indexima allows companies to access all their data to simplify and accelerate analysis and data science, thanks to a unique indexing technology combined with machine learning.

Instant Analytics

Indexima data hub makes it possible to query all Big Data directly on your data sources, in volumetric of tens of billions of rows in just a few milliseconds. Indexima is 1000 times faster than existing solutions.

Effective Data Science

As a centralized execution platform, Indexima simplifies and accelerates data science model’s creation, training and deployment within your analytics tools, thanks to SQL language. From in-database analytics technology, data science models are all-in-one created, trained & deployed to all users.