Indexima for Business Executives

Instantaneously give access and exploit your company's data to make decisions faster and create a competitive edge.


Why Taking Advantage of Data Analytics Growth Levers is Crucial?

Business executives are the first to face the ever changing nature of data. There’s no substitute for experienced hands who can apply institutional knowledge, navigate organizational hazards, make tough trade-offs, provide authority when decision rights conflict, and signal that the leadership is committed to a new analytics culture.

Data driven strategy

How to easily extract and analyze your data in order to make internal process more efficient and to create a competitive edge?

How to breakdown data silos to get a 360 view of your data on an enterprise wide scale?


How to create a virtuous circle so that innovation spurs new technologies and new technologies spurs innovation?

How does the rise of AI help create new products, services, and process?

Revenue growth levers

How to enhance the benefits reaped from increasing revenues, growing base of loyal customers and more efficient operations?

Indexima Value Proposition

As an innovative data hub, Indexima allows executives to unlock the access to their company’s data in record time, building a competitive edge and allowing faster decision making.

Key features

Zero Time To Data

With our solution, business lines users will be propelled into a new era that we call Zero Time To Data, where access to data is instantaneous, allowing better time to recommendation and decision.

Simplified data driven workflow

Indexima enables the access to all Big data and the switch from and between one data application to another.

User first

Our data hub contains AI algorithms that constantly adapts to the uses of your business and ensure an instant response time to get the most out of your data.


Easy to use

Instant data processing for databases of all sizes allowing a data driven strategy to innovate and optimize processes at a lower cost.

Easy to implement

Plug and Play solution, compatible with all data sources and applications.

Easy to adopt

Intuitive for end users, mutualizes costs and competencies with no additional expertise needed.

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"Thanks to Indexima, and without tools or expertise in data science, we are now able to make predictions in our data app - simply and instantly"