Indexima for C-Suite Tech.

Maximize operations and efficiencies by reducing costs & accelerating time to data within the fast-paced tech environnement.


How to turn data into insights, and insights into real business advantage?

As business technology goes through a fundamental shift, the role of the C-suite Tech is changing. In the coming years, they will face new challenges and take on new roles. The modern C-suite Tech must deliver business value through technology-based business innovation and digital initiatives.

According to Gartner data, about two-thirds of business leaders think their companies need to speed up their digital transformation or face losing ground to competitors.

Business impact

How to keep pace with the emphasis on direct revenue generation landing in the C-suite Tech’s lap?

How to enable the digitalization of the business into an automated platform at scale?

Skills & resources

How to address this skills gap while staying current with the ever-changing analytics tech trends?

How to bridge the IT skills gap while operating at full speed?

Digital Transformation from Legacy

How to blend old-school business intelligence with new-world big data and analytics to drive both your legacy and your emerging IT strategies?

What are the data platforms that allow for rapid solution development whatever environnement & data applications?

Indexima Value Proposition

As an innovative analytics platform, Indexima helps C-level Tech to maximize operations and efficiencies by reducing costs & accelerating time to data within the fast-paced tech environnement.

Key features

Zero Time To Data

With the Indexima data hub, lines of business users will be propelled into a new space-time that we call the Zero Time To Data, where access to data is instantaneous for better time to recommendation & decision.

Cost reduction

RAM memory cost divided up to 20.


Compatible with all data visualization tools and data sources.


Easy to use

Cost saving (RAM, HR), enable analytics performance, agility & autonomy.

Easy to implement

Centralized execution platform, IS simplification (unique point of access & security).

Easy to adopt

No change management required.

Our case studies



"With the Indexima solution, we now have a truly high-performance database system. This gives us a very solid foundation on which to build our future."