Indexima for the CDO, the data analysts and business teams

Accelerating the transformation movement with the rapid, cost-effective and sustainable scaling of BI projects.


How to accelerate data democratization in the company ?

The CDO must establish a roadmap to make the company data-driven. 

How can dashboard creation and industrialization be facilitated for data analysts and business teams without constantly seeking the help of tech teams, data engineers and DataOps in the day-to-day activities ?

BI at scale

BI is the first asset that can easily be put in team members’ hands to understand how data can help in decision-making.

Diminish unit cost

The automation of the BI chain is crucial for fast and cost-effective boards and reports production.

Reduce the carbon footprint

A modern data platform must take into account what is going to become a must-have : carbon footprint reduction.

The Indexima Offer

Indexima is an AI-based tool to identify and automate the best aggregation layer for dashboards and reports. No more long and tedious data marts creation and maintenance for data engineers.

Main features

Instant analytics

Dashboard display must be instant for end users to accelerate decision-making by facilitating data exploration


Contains AI algorithms to continuously adapt to business analysts' usage.


Compatible with all data visualization tools and all data sources.


Easy to use

Query response time accelerated by 1000, automatic data preparation, automatic analyzer, autonomy and security for final users.

Easy to implement

Transparent - no changes, no matter which data visualization tools and data sources are used.

Easy to adopt

One-click start, partnerships with software editors and data source providers, UX-oriented console.

"Natixis adopted the Indexima solution because just in a few milliseconds, it’s capable of connecting to and displaying billions of data points in our users’ dataviz tools."