Indexima for Data & Analytics Teams

A unique combination of indexing technology and machine learning to simplify and speed up analytics.


How to make digital transformation come true?

A recent report by Gartner noted that “despite massive investments in data and analytics initiatives” almost half of all organisations surveyed expressed “difficulties in bringing them into production”.

Data & Analytics Teams are responsible for ensuring that the “right” data is delivered for the right task with the quality and speed expected from a data-driven organisation.


How to keep up to speed with new technologies and understand how they can be used to attain business objectives?

How can AI and ML help cut in half the activities of data & analytics teams unrelated with actual analysis?

Quality – Reliability

How to simplify data workflow, reduce integration complexity, guarantee the compliance with high security and confidentiality standards and allow the company to quickly adapt to technical and business changes ?

Answering to increasing business needs

How to create a competitive advantage, that is collecting big data and developping storage, processing and translation capacities in relevant analysis?

Indexima Value Proposition

Indexima is a centralized execution platform combining a unique indexation technology with machine learning, simplifying and expediting data flow in no time.

Key features

Instant Analytics

Indexima data hub allows to query all big data directly from the sources, in ten of billions of rows in just a few milliseconds.

High Performance

Hyperindex speeds up dashboards' display by a factor of 1000, omitting data extracts, cubes and marts.

AI powered

Implemented Artificial Intelligence algorithms constantly adapt to the uses of business analysts.


Compatible with all data visualization tools and data sources.


User Friendly

Queries response time speed up by 1000 times, automatic data arrangement and Hyperindexes' analyzer, security and autonomy for end-users.

Easy to implement

Transparency - no apparent changes regardless the data visualization tools and data sources used.

Easy to adopt

One click start, partnerships with applications' editors and data sources suppliers, UX oriented console.

« The Indexima solution is catered to the performance needs of marketing teams as well as IT teams. »