Indexima for Data & Analytics Teams

Simplify and fasten analytics thanks to a unique indexing technology combined with machine learning.


How to make digital transformation come true?

A recent report by Gartner noted that “despite massive investments in data and analytics initiatives” almost half of all organisations surveyed expressed “difficulties in bringing them into production”.

Data & Analytics teams are responsible for ensuring that the ‘right’ data is delivered for the right task with the level of quality and at the speed expected within a data-driven organisation.


How to keep up to date with what’s new and understanding how it might be used to meet business objectives?

How AI & ML can help reducing half of work week on tasks unrelated to actual analysis?

Quality – Reliability

How to simplify data workflow creation, reduce integration complexity, ensure compliance with security and privacy requirements, and allow the business to easily adapt to technical and business changes?

Fit with augmented business needs

How to help competing effectively meaning both collecting large amounts of data and developing capabilities for storing, processing, and translating the data into actionable business insights?

Indexima Value Proposition

As a centralized execution platform, Indexima offers data and analytics teams to simplify and fasten analytics thanks to a unique indexing technology combined with machine learning.

Key features

Instant Analyics

Indexima data hub makes it possible to query all Big Data directly on your data sources, in volumetric of tens of billions of rows in just a few milliseconds.


HyperIndex accelerates the display of dashboards by 1000 by forgetting data extracts, marts or cubes.

AI powered

Contains Artificial Intelligence algorithms to constantly adapt to the uses of business analysts.


Compatible with all data visualization tools and data sources.


Easy to use

Queries response time accelerated by 1000, automated data preparation, HyperIndexes analyzer, end-users secured autonomy.

Easy to implement

Transparent - no change, whatever data viz tools and data sources.

Easy to adopt

One-click start, strong partnership with data applications and sources providers, UX centric console.

« La solution Indexima répond aux besoins de performance des équipes marketing comme des équipes techniques. »