Indexima for Data Engineers & DataOps

Taking advantage of AI to free oneself of repetitive tasks and be able to focus on high-value ones.


How to automate the BI chain ?

Allowing data analysts and business teams to familiarize themselves with data thanks to self-service BI and letting the data engineer focus on high-value tasks.

AI to serve BI

The main objectives of AI for BI are success with automation to end relentless back and forths with data engineers and to freedom for data analysts to be more autonomous.

Full SaaS

SaaS frees up the DataOps and allows for an automatic elasticity of the solution to adapt to the activity without any intervention.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Because one of the coming years’ challenges is to build a zero carbon data platform, the goal is to limit data scans as much as possible for the BI chain.

The Indexima Offer

Indexima is a solution using AI to identify and automate the best aggregation layer for all of the dashboards and reports. This eliminates the need for often long and tedious data marts creation and maintenance by the data engineer.

Key features

Smart algorithm

The algorithm combines natural human intution plus the full combination of possibilities to produce the best layer based on performance/cost ratio

Time reduction

Avoid any queries rewrite by automatic redirection

Assure data consistency

Include automatic synchronization for a full data consistency


Easy to use

Cost reduction (infra., IT and HR), enhanced analytics performance, agility and autonomy.

Easy to implement

Centralized data governance, IS simplification : unique and secure point of access.

Easy to adopt

No change management required.

« The Indexima solution is catered to the performance needs of marketing teams as well as IT teams. »