Indexima for IT Teams

Implementing a centralized and secured execution platform to support the growth needs of their business ecosystems.


Staying ON TOP OF EVERYTHING IS not an easy feat

The increasing complexity has made it difficult for IT teams to manage their infrastructure.
Keeping tabs on each components, often designed using different interfaces and goals, can be overwhelming.

Cloud & Scalability

How to succeed with cloud shift?

From security to industrialisation of data apps.

Security – Governance

How to manage the increasing demand for security and governance alongsite the boom of Big Data?

24/7 Operations

How to deal with the increasing monitoring needs, and the automation of alerts?


How to benefit from ML and AI in order to better focus on higher-impact tasks such as architecture planning and data security?

Indexima Value Proposition

Indexima is a centralized and secured execution platform designed to fit the always increasing needs of IT teams and their business ecosystem.

Key features


Authentification, authorization and data protection mechanisms.


One single point of access.


High availability, MPP, elasticity.


AI-Powered monitoring and management platform.


Easy to use

Infrastructure costs reduced by up to 20, unique access point to simplify and enhance security.

Easy to implement

Compatible with every data sources and environments (on-premise and cloud) and all components.

Easy to adopt

Start with a click, SQL native to fit all data apps. 24/7 support.

"Natixis adopted the Indexima solution because just in a few milliseconds, it’s capable of connecting to and displaying billions of data points in our users’ dataviz tools."