NOUVELLES STRATÉGIES – How to learn from Big Data while consuming less resources?

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Data is unanimously considered the new black gold. Essential oil in the digital age for organizations.

Nicolas Korchia, Co-founder of Indexima * and former Business Intelligence manager at Mappy, explains in this podcast what are the major issues and challenges companies are facing.

Data has become an important lever for doing business and leading strategies. Today, the majority of businesses collect information about their users. The goal: to use this mountain of data to profit from it.

This data can be used in many ways. For example, some organizations use it to improve their products or optimize the user experience on their website.

However, companies face several challenges. On average, an analyst spends 3 hours a day reaching for the data rather than analyzing it. A waste of time which leads to a drop in productivity, in addition to a significant financial and ecological impact.

Several issues arise:

  • How to collect and prepare the data?
  • What technological tools to use to treat it?
  • How to implement this new approach and take full advantage of it?

* software that accelerates the processing of big data.


Listen to the podcast.

Source: Nouvelles stratégies, Nicolas Korchia & Pierre Laniray

Language : French



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