“With Indexima, we were able to see a higher level of reactivity than with other editors, which is very pleasant for a client. The PoC finished convincing us. The users were impressed by both the performance gain and the respect of the deadlines.”

One of the world’s largest corporate and investment banks is looking to meet FRTB and BCBS 239 requirements. These requirements include daily reporting and compliance dashboards.

The company wants to implement a more data-centric operation to facilitate its risk management.

This project includes a large volume of data (1Pb).

Working with such high volumes of data creates significant difficulties: a slowdown in the production of daily dashboards and their update, the inability to perform data analysis and to raise alerts in time for the compliance teams and the financial department.

The objective is to accelerate the response time by 500, in order to better control the risk exposure while delivering daily compliance reports and dashboards in a timely manner. In addition, the project must be implemented as quickly as possible.

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