“Inserting Indexima into our architecture allowed to drastically accelerate our performances and allowed us to finish our projects on time.”

An internal compliance audit is scheduled at a Fortune 100 industrial materials manufacturer. With a 41 billion euros turnover and a presence in 68 countries with close to 170 000 employees, the data volumetry of this company is particularly important.

The audit administrators wish to perform this audit within two weeks. Dashboards are prepared in advance in accordance with KPIs that are key to the business to improve efficiency. As such, there is only the dashboards to connect on the multinational’s data.

However, with more than 1000 tables all containing millions of rows, loading data into the dashboards is particularly slow. The client’s architecture is not able to deliver fast performances.

The data load takes days. For a two weeks audit on a firm this size, it is not acceptable.

The objective is to cut down the data load time to 1h, in order to perform the audit within the deadline.


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