One of the leading audio-visual media groups in France, with 15 million subscribers worldwide, has successfully diversified by proposing a wide variety of offerings able to meet the specific needs of its customers, so a range of services based on a multi-channel user experience.
Initially, load issues caused the Data team to migrate data to a cloud data lake: an adaptable environment that allows multiple cross-tabulations and calculations on two key segments: VOD to analyse oneoff purchases and replay to analyse overall consumption on different platforms.
But, pre-calculated with data marts, these operations are proving to be particularly time-consuming: for a given day, the calculation time could be as much as 12 hours.

The goal is to perform reporting in less than 1 hour!

“Indexima meets our expectations in every respect: their relational engine allows us to make joins as we go along so we don’t have to reprocess the data after the event to enrich it. And queries can be made under SQL Static with their solution!”

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