“We needed a middle layer to speed up response time”

This public body’s Big Data center serves the entire group and is responsible for facilitating the implementation of business lines projects in end to end data through big data and dataviz usages. As part of the IT management project for a financial system for all French employees, an early version of the big-data base was implemented on a data lake.
Objective: to provide a centralized, unified data platform to meet all the needs of the public institution and its users.
But the problem was that on the existing Hadoop version, latency times for live queries – in the region of tens of seconds or even several minutes – did not meet the immediacy expectations of our users (…)” explained the data center manager.

As soon as the first tests were carried out, the results proved conclusive with a response time of less than one second. Since then, all dataviz requirements for new projects use Indexima’s Data Hub.”

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