According to PwC, 42% of executives are highly worried about hyper regulation.

More and more, companies end up overwhelmed by the abundance of regulations they are imposed on. BFSI, retail, transportation, pharmaceutical industry and many more: regulations affect all sectors. 

Not only to assert the conformity of analyzed and managed data, but also to be more efficient, companies have resort to compliance analytics. With specific regulations evolving according to the needs of the multiple stakeholders, it is necessary for enterprises to master compliance analytics tools in order to guarantee their business’ durability.

Compliance analytics also promotes risk management. The link between compliance analytics and risk management is undeniable, while the anticipation of a great number of risks directly depends on a perfect knowledge of the market’s demands.

How to optimize both your compliance analytics and risk management? 

Inside this e-book you will find:

  •  The elements composing compliance analytics
  • How compliance analytics works in different sectors
  • Compliance analytics and risk management: one does not go without the other
  • Good practices to optimize your compliance analytics and risk management


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