For self-service BI on Snowflake

As the volume of data increases incomparably, companies are struggling to exploit it. Only 8%[1] of companies use their data at scale.

Indexima Autopilot allows data teams to automate the BI and Data Viz chain and all of their data stored on Snowflake.

The final users can thus freely go through their favorite dashboards and the data available on Snowflake. The dynamic tables are automatically created according to usage and allow for interactions on billions of lines in a few milliseconds.

The dynamic table technology available on Snowflake acts as dynamic aggregation layer avoiding a systematic data scan, which also represents savings on Snowflake costs.

Autopilot for Snowflake is the transparent automation of dynamic table creation for the data team:

  • No installation or data copy
  • Identical driver, protocols and rights
  • Transparent management of query routing
  • Data consistency ensured thanks to the Snowflake Time Travel

Indexima solves the cost/performance dilemma for the data analytics usage of BI and data visualization.

Indexima Autopilot is a SaaS solution available as part of a beta program.

[1] McKinsey 

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