How to reduce friction of analytics use cases?

By 2025, 49 percent of data will be stored in public cloud environments. This Big Data shift from on-premise to cloud environments is the logical continuation of the need for immediately available, scalable and actionable data.

The challenge for organizations is then to analyse & interpret this big data and not to spend time working on it to make it usable.

Indexima allows companies to access all their data to simplify and accelerate analytics thanks to a unique indexing engine combined with machine learning.

Robust and scalable, the solution allows organizations to query all their data directly at the source, in volumetric of tens of billions of rows in milliseconds only. This is the Zero Time To Data.

  • Centralized execution platform to accelerate BI queries by 1000.
  • Infrastructure costs divided by up to 20. No upfront costs.
  • Compatible with all data visualization tools and data sources.

Indexima is Advanced Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services

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