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This solution test refers to a retail business in BtoC.

Sales are made in-store and online, all over the world.

You can query the data according to different fact (sales) and dimensions tables (purchase channel, customer details, locations, dates, product details, etc.).

Technical properties

In this solution test, the data source comes from TPC-DS and is stored in the cloud, the data visualization tool is Superset.

The Indexima data hub allows you to query on a defined set of data and to visualize reports in record time. 200 million rows are added on a weekly basis.

It is Indexima Zero Time To Data.

About Indexima

The Indexima Data Hub, relying on an indexation engine provides the missing “layer” in an ANALYTICS Data-Driven landscape, to IT teams and Data Analytics solutions such as Tableau®, Excel®, Talend, Qlik®, Power BI®, DATAIKU® or MicroStrategy®.

The HyperIndex makes your response times 1000 times faster.

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