30 minutes to understand
The Ins and Outs of Analytics TCO

Investments in data, analytics and insights are becoming more critical than ever to stay ahead of uncertainty and become more relevant to every aspect of the business: customers, suppliers and partners, competitors, employees, processes, operations and markets.

How do you achieve the golden number of analytics? What tangible benefits can insight-driven companies expect over their upstart peers and competitors?
To ensure digital transformation and optimization of big data analytics use cases, what are the key elements a company must consider to successfully calculate TCO? What are the best practices for optimizing results?

Key points from the webinar:

-TCO in a data environment: the cloud seems to be emerging as a key element.
-The TCO of analytical tools, especially those related to Business Intelligence solutions.
-The TCO of the processes implemented in the framework of analytics.

The TCO will thus be broken down into the human cost, the investment cost and the performance cost in a Big Data analytics use case.


@Nicolas Korchia, Co-founder and COO Indexima

@Darragh OFlanagan, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, EMEA ISVs, AWS

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