Why will your competitor outlive you in the new data-driven world?

In 15 years, the global data volume will be multiplied by 100. In order to survive, data-driven companies will need to automate their data platform.

Coined by Gartner in 2019, the word hyper-automation is becoming entrenched in enterprise digitalization strategies by elevating processes as the primary driver of operations.

Thanks to hyperautomation, companies can scale up their data processing, and with it, re-invent efficient processes to fuel their digital transformation strategies.

When intelligence clothes automation, companies “hyper-transform.”

What are the challenges of the data platform ? How can hyperautomation bring benefits to the data platform ? Why should the latter be a priority for your company ?

Find out all the answers in our white paper.

Key elements :

  • Going beyong RPA
  • Hyperautomation: a powerful fuel for the data pipeline
  • Indexima’s “Autonomous data pipeline”: moving towards the augmented data engineer

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