30 minutes to understand
How to combine agility, good customer experience, and cost control of the data platform while projects add up?

What solutions are available to the CDO to obtain a satisfactory ROI on their data platform?

For the CDO, following its operational roadmap means having to solve the agility/performance/cost dilemma.

How does it play out? First of all, the agility of the data platform must guarantee easy and immediate access to the data for the whole company. For the business, being able to consume the data and get insights quickly is the key to an optimal user experience. In doing so, budget control must be guaranteed at all levels.

However, as projects pile up, this dilemma is proving to be unsolvable for many organizations.

In this webinar, you will find :

  • The CDO’s dilemma: issues and options at his disposal
  •  The impossible trifecta faced by the CDO: agility, performance and cost control
  • The solutions proposed by Indexima to solve the problem


Duration: 30 minutes

Language: English

Speakers :

Damien Mahuzier, Indexima VP of US Operations

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