2 minutes to understand
Instant Analytics with Microstrategy

Indexima x Microstrategy, BI self-service on Big Data

Indexima provides the innovative BI engine to unleash the power of Microstrategy on cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises or hybrid.

This 2-minute video is a demonstration of the ease of counting in 1 second more than 17 billion rows with Indexima and Microstrategy.

Your Microstrategy dashboards are no longer volume-limited, you can instantly access all your data flexibly.

The technology is based on Hyperindex and is 1000 times faster than existing solutions.
Indexima goes from 10s of GBs to 100s of data TBs with a response time of less than one second.

Duration 2 minutes
Language: English – subtitles
Speaker: Henry-François Chadeisson, Senior Sales Engineer @ Microstrategy and Nicolas Korchia, COO and Co-Founder @Indexima

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