20 minutes to understand :
Succeed Analytics in a hybrid environment.

 Instant Analytics with a Hybrid Architecture

On average, data-driven companies collect data from almost 400 different sources[1].

Hybrid environments can be made up of sources based in both the Cloud and on-premise. This brings performance issues at the analytics use case level, high infrastructure costs and a lack of flexibility.

The engine in such an architecture has to be able to answer instantly to user queries, and this despite data crossing from multiple sources.

How to optimize your use cases in instant analytics within a hybrid environment?

In this webinar, you will find :

  • How to successfully implement BI in a hybrid environment?
  • How to reduce analytics use cases’ costs?
  • Which levers to use to speed up BI queries’ response time?
  • Demo: with 3 data sources and 1 billion queries in a hybrid environment: allowing the company’s data to be accessible to everyone instantly.


[1] IDG Research Study for Matillon


Duration: 30 minutes

Language: English

Speakers: Florent Voignier, Co-founder & CTO, Indexima, Laetitia Korn, CMO, Indexima

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