Let’s discover the new paradigm

Have we moved beyond the centralized approach of the data warehouse and data lakes?

While by 2022, 90% of businesses will make data a critical asset and analytics a core competency (source: Gartner), it’s time to shift to a new paradigm to accelerate innovation, business ownership of data…and accelerate the ROI of data strategies. This new paradigm has a name: the Data Mesh.

According to Gartner, by 2023, data management will become an explicit and necessary driver of business value. It’s time to reorganize data, and CDOs need to innovate to accelerate value creation.

Key elements :

  • From data warehouse to data lakehouse, a complex and rigid data monolith
  • The key to the Data Mesh: aligning the data architecture and organization with a data product strategy
  • Unleashing the data with Indexima
  • CDOs finally delivered


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