The "Augmented" Data Team

The Next New Normal for Analytics

Data-driven digital transformation and strategies have shaken up companies: processes have speeded up, roles and job functions have changed, revenue flows have considerably expanded. But one of the aspects with the most impact: it has become significantly easier to quantify operations and business.

Data and data use are the reactor core in this current environment in which Data teams are evolving. They have turned into a task force in digital companies and are used as both a driver to support business with their valuable insights and also as a direct growth lever for business and the economic model. Pressure is especially high.

What levers can Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists and other Data team members pull?
Key points of the white paper:

  • State of play of increasingly complex data environments
  • How to streamline data flows and achieve value creation?
  • What good practices to keep in mind?

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