Putting an end to data silos’ chaos

With close to 64.2 zettaoctects of data generated in 2020, it is now more than ever essential for companies wishing to ensure their perennity to be able to exploit their legacy data efficiently. That being said, this is not always a simple task. 

Often, the immense data volume detained by companies ends up divided in multiple silos. These have several origins:  the broadening number of applications leading to an application isolation, the diversification of heterogeneous data sources, the weight of data heritage, or even the very organization within the company.

These silos partition the enterprise’s data, preventing all business teams from accessing them. 

These partitions are a genuine obstacle for data integration even if the latter is an essential element for any data-driven strategy at the heart of companies’ concerns. 

How to eliminate data silos and favor data integration within companies?

Inside this white paper you will find:

  • How are data silos sealed and costly partitions that slow down data projects?
  • Ways to navigate through data silos
  • Indexima’s good practices, an architecture without compromises. 

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