Gartner defines TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) as “the total cost of acquiring, using, managing and retiring an asset over its entire life cycle. ” 

78% of CFOs focus on growth levers with rapid ROI.

Among these fast ROI growth levers are analytical use cases tied to Big Data. In order to get the most out of their data, the main objective within organizations is to optimize analytics. 

Calculating the TCO of analytical use cases is essential to achieve this goal. More specifically, calculating the TCO of the data environment, BI tools and analytics processes all together.

In order to ensure the digital transformation and the optimization of analytics use cases tied to Big Data, what are the key elements to take into account for an organization to succeed in its TCO calculation? What are the best practices to optimize its results?

Our analysis will be done through an analytical use case on a table of 1 billion rows from NYC cabs. The TCO will be broken down with respect to the human cost, capital cost, and performance cost of this use case.

Key points of the white paper: 

Moving to the Cloud: pitfalls to avoid when deploying your data
Realizing the true value of BI: now at the heart of business
Improving your ‘time to insights’ and solving the cost/performance dilemma: Indexima’s playground


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