Single cloud and multicloud: which is better ?


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We can’t ignore it, cloud computing is becoming a must in most companies. Among its benefits, Salesforce enounces its flexibility, its cost and the fact that it enables better quality control. Some users of the cloud choose to use a single cloud while others choose the multicloud option. 

What are the differences between the two, and how to know which one is better for our organization? That’s what we are going to talk about today. 

Single cloud or multicloud ?

What do single cloud and multicloud mean? 


Single cloud is easy to define. It means that you manage your data and your applications on one cloud, thus dealing with one provider. 

Multicloud means that you use multiple public clouds from different providers. For example, a company can use one cloud for its CRM, and another one for its supply chain. 


Is multicloud the best solution? 


As Brett Ellis states in Forrester, the single cloud solution presents many benefits, like simple management and better cost control. 

However, it also has a major weak point. Indeed, the AWS outage in late 2021 showed that even though strict parameters and risk reduction plans can be set, a malfunction of a cloud can paralyze an organization if it’s in a single cloud setting. 

Plus, if you limit yourself to a single cloud, you also limit your possibilities regarding available services, which can in turn impact your productivity. 

Finally, by using a single cloud, you become dependent on your vendor, which can impact your data governance. 


The multicloud solution allows you to mitigate the risk of paralysis by making it possible to transfer your applications and services if needed. 

It also allows you to choose the most beneficial services from each provider, thus optimizing the productivity of your organization and avoiding dependance. 

However, the multicloud is more expensive and complex to manage. 

We can add that the multicloud increases security risks, since it increases the number of targets for a cyberattacker. That’s why you must be careful with this mode of cloud computing. 


The multicloud is without a doubt the solution to use in the long run for any company aiming to have a good control on its information system. In any case, the most important is to choose the right partner(s) for this type of project, and to get a sponsorship from the executive management for the latter! 

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