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For 45% of data specialists, the accumulation of data sources and the complexity of the systems are the main cause of a slowdown in BI and Analytics projects. Indeed, digital transformation and so-called “Data-Driven” strategies have shaken up companies: processes have accelerated, roles and functions have evolved, income streams have widened considerably. But one of the most structuring points: activities and business have become much more quantifiable.

Faced with increasingly complex data environments, data and its use serve both as an engine to support the businesses, but also as a direct lever for the growth of the activity and the economic model.

The pressure on data specialists is ever greater with ever more demanding business teams and excessively long project cycles.

The culmination that data teams have to face remains the fluidification of data and the realization of the value which passes through several procedures to be followed internally. For example, a player in the health sector understood that rapid access to information was a constraint for its members. It has therefore carried out work on the architecture allowing access 600 times faster than with its previous database technology.

Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and other members of the Data team, what levers can you activate?


Download the white paper “The Augmented Data Team: The Next ‘New Normal’ in Analytics” here

  • State of play of increasingly complex data environments
  • How to streamline data flows and achieve value creation?
  • What good practices to retain?

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