Technology in the service of the environment


By 5 January 2023 No Comments

Just like you, Indexima knows about the climate emergency. We know that climate change has already made significant damage: deterioration of ecosystems, species extinction, and natural disasters like the Australian fires, the floodings in Pakistan or, to a lesser extent, the 2022 French heat waves. The IPCC’s last report states the present and future consequences of our inaction towards environment deterioration. 

Technology plays a part in climate change. Indeed, digital technologies represent 4% of greenhouse gas emissions, and data centers represent 25% of those emissions. These numbers are increasing, to the point where for some experts, digital technologies as we know them are viable for only 1 to 3 generations. 

However, we know that digital technologies can be less pollutant, and can also be a significant tool to help preserve the environment. That’s why we have decided, in our next articles, to examine the issue of digital technologies’ environmental impact and the solutions we can implement, notably through Green IT. Some solutions are simple, others are more complex, but each one is practicable for every company. Follow our next articles where we will do our best to inform you on this subject. 

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