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Thanks to its new functionalities, you can enjoy both an even more intuitive handling and a greater integration at scale to instantly achieve your analytics within all environments.


  • New interface & a better user experience…

The new user interface offers a smooth and simple navigation as well as an even easier reading of information.

  • Split of the system administration interface from the data engineering interface.
  • Simplified parameters for creating clusters and connections.
  • Cluster memory footprint monitoring.
  • Improved query filtering to enhance activity monitoring.


And a facilitated adoption….

For better integration at scale, Indexima’s smart tables automatically analyze the data and create hyper-indexes. This allows you to efficiently optimize your performances.


  • For unmatched analytical capability in any data environment


The Indexima platform allows you to connect to any data source without copying data, all with a response time under a second. This is what we call Zero Time to Data: a time saver for dashboard users !

Thanks to hyperindexes, the number of queries sent to external tables is greatly reduced. As such, the cost of infrastructure diminishes substantially.

Download the quarterly release note 

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