Business Intelligence: the challenge of simplifying the complexity

Business Intelligence: the challenge of simplifying the complexity

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The decline of dashboards is nothing new. It is the symbol of a too static and too unprofitable BI that no longer match with the business team’s needs, analyses Nicolas Korchia, from Indexima.


As Gartner presented its vision of the trends to come for this year, full of new terms redefining the analytic approach of companies, this new vocabulary is symptomatic of the arising expectations and usages of data. But what are the new dynamics of BI today?


  • Business intelligence is finding back its original meaning: that of finally bringing intelligence into the use of data. While it has failed in the past to show its full potential, BI is transforming itself today at all levels of the company. At the heart of the challenges: putting simplicity back into complexity.


If only my data was rich!


  • So where does this change in BI come from? We can observe a double dynamic there which is now changing the old patterns of business intelligence represented by static tables. The first dynamic is the change of vision: data must be able to bring much more value to businesses.


  • Unlike static data from dusty dashboards, data is made to evolve and be enriched. As more and more data are created, it makes sense for companies to seek to derive more strategic value from it. How? By opening up access to data to business teams and allowing them to tell stories, “data storytelling” as described by Gartner.


  • This flow of data to the entire company makes it possible to no longer leave IT specialists alone in control of the subject and to democratize its access and enrichment. Thus, a sales team can analyze more precisely the typology of its customers from the data made available to them, to offer the right product to the right customer at the right time. Even better: why not cross-reference data between different departments, or even from other sources such as videos for example? This trend that Gartner calls “X Analytics” perfectly reflects the pursuit of the richest information possible, regardless of the format.


But the search for richer data is not the only explanation for the evolution of BI.


Data, now, right away.


  • The second dynamic is the operating speed requested by business teams …


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Source : Zdnet, Nicolas Korchia from Indexima


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