30 minutes to understand
How is Analytics making this transformation possible?

How can IT leaders support their organizations in shifting from being paralyzed by the unprecedented to catalyzed by the precedented?

What if the primary reason behind digital transformation for CIOs, CDOs and CTOs was to make data talk? This is one of the questions that one can ask at a time when IT and innovation managers must now lay the foundations for digital transformation and guarantee their company’s increasingly fragile positioning on the market.

Access to data must be fast, secure and aligned with business strategy in order to provide its true value. And, this is all the truer in a recessionary climate.

  • What are the entry points to carry out this transformation and succeed with it?
  • What are the use cases and expected benefits?
  • Which technologies to use and which best practices to implement?

Duration: 30 minutes
Language: English
Speaker: Laetitia Korn, CMO, Indexima

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