30 minutes to understand
One-click Analytics Options in the Cloud

One-click Lightning Fast Analytics on AWS

Businesses rely on their data and analytics platforms, which form the foundation of their digital innovation and transformation strategy.

However, many on-premise users of Hadoop face difficulties due to the complexity of this system, the difficult scalable infrastructure and the DevOps load.

  • Why do companies opt for modern cloud-based platforms that can be deployed in a few clicks?
  • How to allow users, without infra skills, to implement, in one click, instant analytics in the cloud on all data?
  • Live demo / benchmark: Construction of a data app in a few clicks on 5 billion lines for each deployment option

Duration: 30 minutes

Language: English

Nicolas Korchia, Co-founder & COO, Indexima
Florent Voignier, Co-founder & CTO, Indexima

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